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Issue Position: Equality for All of Washington's Families

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Like so many of his generation, Ed Murray was drawn to public service by President Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy. His commitment to social justice was made whole by the writing of Dorothy Day, the founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and growing up in a large, Irish Catholic family.

On issues of social justice, lawmakers look to Ed Murray for his leadership and judgement. On marriage equality, on LGBT civil rights, on abolition of the death penalty, and on reforming our criminal justice system, Ed Murray has made the tough decisions and delivered.

His commitment and passion for victims of ignorance and hate flow from the values he learned growing up in the Northwest. On these critical moral and political questions, Ed Murray has consistently stepped up without fear.

Take a look:

Prime Sponsor SHB 2661 - 2006 Session - The Anderson-Murray civil rights bill

Led the successful effort to pass civil rights legislation to protect gay and lesbian Washingtonians from discrimination in employment, housing, and financial transactions. The successful passage of this bill ended an almost 30 year effort.

"The vote never could have happened without Senator Murray's leadership and tenacity," Seattle Times

Prime Sponsor SSB 5336 - 2007 Session - Protecting individuals in domestic partnerships by granting certain rights and benefits

Introduced and successfully led the effort to pass Washington State's historic domestic partnership law that extends rights and protections to same-sex couples and senior couples. Included among the provisions was hospital visitation and health-care decision making to name two of the most critical rights afforded under the bill.

Prime Sponsor SB 5688 - 2009 Session - Expanding the rights and responsibilities of registered domestic partners

Ushered through the legislature the final chapter in Washington's domestic partnership laws, equating domestic partnerships to marriages in everything but name at the state level.

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