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GOP Leaders Choose Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Few over Teachers, Nurses, and Police Officers

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. STUPAK. Madam Speaker, today's legislation clearly demonstrates the differences between the two parties. Congressional Republicans have made their choice clear. The GOP is calling for an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest few and saddling Americans with nearly $700 billion in debt versus our Democratic paid-for bill that creates and maintains 310,000 jobs for hardworking Americans.

Our legislation will save or create more than 310,000 American jobs for teachers, firefighters, police officers, and nurses. These funds are needed now to prevent layoffs and actually rehire teachers and prevent law enforcement officers from losing their jobs

Bottom line is congressional Republicans would rather extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest few and saddle Americans with a $700 billion debt. Our Democratic legislation is fully paid for by closing costly corporate tax loopholes that allow corporations to shift American jobs overseas. Democrats are moving America forward while the congressional Republicans want to take us back to the exact same failed policies of the Bush administration that drove us into this economic ditch.

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