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Immigration Debate Requires Real Leadership From Congress

Press Release

Location: Poland, OH

Johnson stands with Boehner on finding solutions

Candidate for Congress Bill Johnson today called attention to recent comments the top House Republican, John Boehner, made on NBC's Meet the Press.

On Meet the Press, Boehner joined Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in calling for further study of the idea of ending the citizenship birthright for children of illegal immigrants.

"There must be a process that balances America's legacy as a beacon for freedom for the rest of the world and the very real need to protect our homeland and citizens; it's a necessary discussion, but securing the border and enforcing our immigration laws must be the first priority," Johnson said. "When I travel across the district, I hear this over and over. Ohioans and all Americans are beyond frustrated with Democrats and federal government refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books."

Incumbent Congressman Charlie Wilson has failed again and again to address illegal immigration. When asked about his stance on the Arizona immigration law, he -- like a true politician -- provided a non-reply, instead asking what Republicans have done.

"With Barack Obama suing the state of Arizona, a better question for Charlie Wilson is "what's he doing to protect Ohioans from Barack Obama's liberal policies," Johnson said.

Wilson's history on this issue is poor. As a state legislator, he even voted against making English the official language of Ohio.

"I'll work with John Boehner and others to tackle the important issue of immigration," Johnson said. "We need to end partisan bickering and put finding real solutions on top of the priority list -- that's one of the reasons I'm running for Congress."

Bill Johnson is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who resides in Poland with his wife LeeAnn and son Nathan. He currently works in a senior management IT role with a public traded company headquartered in Northeast Ohio.

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