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Democrats Refuse to Pass Budget


Location: Bloomington, IL

Today's announcement by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer that there will be no vote on a 2011 budget resolution virtually guarantees that there will be no letup in the Obama Administration's reckless spending spree which is worrying so many Americans.

This is very disappointing to those of us who believe Congress should be working day and night to find ways to reduce spending -- not piling on more debt.

Quite simply, a budget resolution would put spending limits in place for congressional committees now working on 2011 appropriations bills. And budgetary spending limits would make it much more difficult for the White House to get the new round of so-called stimulus spending it claims is necessary to keep the recovery on track.

It appears to me that what the Administration really wants is to run up the national debt as much as possible before December when the President's bipartisan fiscal commission is expected to announce its recommendations for getting the debt under control.

The higher the debt, the more likely it is that the commission will call for a national value-added tax, similar to the VAT taxes collected by so many European countries.

I believe a VAT tax would be a terrible drag to America's economy and would ensure continued high unemployment for years to come.

It also appears that Congressman Baron Hill is doing everything he can to enable the Obama Administration in carrying out this scenario.

Baron Hill has voted for a level of deficit spending that now has the United States Government borrowing 42 cents of every dollar it spends. This year's projected $1.6 trillion deficit is a five-fold increase in just three years.

Even Steny Hoyer concedes spending at this pace is unsustainable.

That's why the election this November is so important.

Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi need Baron Hill's vote to pass that VAT tax.

They sure won't get my vote!

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