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Schilling to Hare: 131,000 Jobs Lost Is Not Emerging From Crisis

Press Release

Location: East Moline, IL

Schilling reacts to July jobs report

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the 17th District, reacted to the recently released July jobs report by the US Labor Department. The report showed that 131,000 jobs were lost last month.

"This is unacceptable," Schilling said. "The policies that Congress has promoted simply haven't worked. It's been 18 months since the stimulus package was passed, and we have yet to see any results from it. These people don't know how to create jobs or stimulate an economy. It's time to get people back to work, yet Congress continues to promote policies that are causing people to be laid off."

Schilling also referenced a recent report showing that a full recovery will not happen with our current policies. According to the Economic Policy Institute, even if the country were to sustain the strongest pace of job growth seen in the boom of the late 1990s (2.6% in 1998), it would still take until 2015 to return to pre-recession levels of unemployment. The much slower rate of growth seen in recent months suggests that without a change in policy, unemployment will remain high for years to come.

"I believe the people of the 17th District are ready for a representative that will fight for them," Schilling said. "Unlike my opponent, I will not support tax increases during a recession. I will not vote for wasteful spending bills that will cost the taxpayer billions of dollars. My policies will help us recover from this recession. My opponent's policies have made a bad situation worse. I think the choice is clear."

Rep. Phil Hare recently said that our economy is "emerging" from the worst of the economic crisis. Schilling Communications Director Jon Schweppe questioned the legitimacy of that claim.

"Once again, Rep. Hare is trying to take credit for a recovery that hasn't happened yet," Schweppe said. "In my mind, it's unconscionable to even consider a tax increase during a recession, yet Congress is promoting the largest tax increase in American history in 2011. That tax increase is going to cost our country millions of jobs. We need to send these people home in November and elect representatives who will actually serve their constituents."

Schilling, a native of Rock Island, graduated from Alleman High School and attended Black Hawk College. Schilling, a local business owner and father of ten children, is the Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District in Illinois. Bobby is running on a platform of bringing jobs and real representation back to the 17th District. Earlier this year, Schilling conducted a 34-city "Bob's for Jobs" tour, where he met with voters and employers all across the 17th District.

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