David Gill Responds to FutureGen 2.0


By:  David Gill
Date: Aug. 7, 2010
Location: Unknown

David Gill issued the following statement Friday morning: "FutureGen survives in this limited form now in spite of career politicians like Tim Johnson, with his support of NAFTA and CAFTA, treaties that have destroyed the manufacturing base of our region and our country. FutureGen would have been a much-needed push back against this trend, and it may still represent the type of creative thinking we need in order to keep clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. We'll know more as more facts emerge, but the initial reports indicate that not as many desperately needed jobs will go to the Mattoon community. I find Mr. Johnson's criticisms particularly hypocritical -- had his "NO' vote last year on President Obama's Stimulus bill succeeded, FutureGen would have died at that time. The fact that it survives in this limited form now to bring jobs to Illinois and the 15th district is in spite of Mr. Johnson's vote. Given that his vote would have snuffed out FutureGen last year, he has no business criticizing anyone today."

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