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Electrical Contractors' Association Endorses Robert Dold

Press Release

Location: Northbrook, IL

Today, the Electrical Contractors' Association, representing more than 800 unionized electrical contractors in Cook County, announced its endorsement of Robert Dold in Illinois' 10th Congressional District.

"Robert Dold owns a small business and understands the challenges facing small and family-owned businesses," said Rick Jamerson, Co-President of Jamerson and Bauwens Electric in Northbrook. "Washington seems to have little understanding of how its actions impact our ability to do business. We need leaders like Robert who will take positive and bold steps on behalf of small and family-owned businesses."

Jim Gallagher, President of the Electrical Contractors Association, said, "Member businesses of the Electrical Contractors' Association are strong supporters of Robert Dold and believe his efforts on behalf of small and family-owned businesses will allow them to provide good jobs and benefits to their employees, not only in the 10th Congressional District, but in Illinois and across the country."

The construction industry has been particularly hard-hit by the recession, with approximately 40% unemployment in construction in Illinois. The number of hours worked for unionized employees in the electrical contractors industry has dropped by half since 2008.

"The $787 billion stimulus package hasn't helped put people in the electrical construction industry back to work, because credit is still too hard to get and projects cannot move forward. Couple that with uncertainty over the health care bill and a massive tax hike scheduled for January 1, 2011, and you have a perfect storm that prevents businesses from growing and hiring," Robert Dold said. "Washington must do a better job in helping small businesses grow and hire."

The Electrical Contractors Association, as affiliated with the National Electrical Contractors Association, represents over 800 electrical contractors in Cook County. For over 100 years the Association has been providing information, activities, education programs, joint meetings, and material to help electrical contractor members make informed decisions about how to run their companies in a profitable manner.

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