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Where is Jack on Obamacare Lawsuit?

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Where is Jack Conway on the lawsuit to protect citizens from having their rights taken away by the massive Obamacare scheme?

Even though Attorneys General from around the nation have joined a lawsuit to protect their citizens, Kentucky Attorney General and U.S. Senate Candidate Jack Conway has refused to stand up for the nearly two-thirds of Kentuckians who oppose this nationalized healthcare mandate.

Today, those leaders won their first victory, as a federal judge ruled against the Obama Justice Department's attempt to dismiss the case.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, one of the leaders of this struggle for our rights, said it very well: "This isn't about healthcare, it's about liberty."

Obamacare both takes away the rights of every American to make their healthcare decisions, and emboldens a huge federal bureaucracy to meddle in our healthcare.

Obamacare is the wrong prescription for healthcare. Dr. Rand Paul opposes Obamacare, will fight to repeal it, and congratulates the Attorneys General of other states who are coming to the defense of their citizens.

"It is a shame that Jack Conway has sided with his allies Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi over the people of Kentucky," said Dr. Paul. "I urge Jack to join me and the overwhelming majority of Kentuckians in opposing nationalized healthcare and working to repeal the healthcare mandate on our citizens."

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