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Weekly Washington Update


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This week, I had a chance to speak with a group of realtors, folks concerned about the new financial reform law, and many other constituents during my meetings and telephone town hall calls.

On Monday, I had a chance to meet with the realtors and homebuilders in the Fredericksburg area to talk about the latest happenings in Washington, and to hear more about what is affecting them and the housing market in our area. They also spoke about the everyday challenges realtors, homebuilders and potential homebuyers face in this economy.

Also, the President signed legislation into law on Wednesday that dramatically alters the way our financial sector works. This new law will bring changes to the financial regulatory system, which will in turn affect consumers. Yet, instead of bringing much-needed reforms to modernize our financial system, this law grows government and could further harm our economy. I hear from so many of you that instead, government should get out of the way of small businesses so they can succeed, grow and create jobs. I opposed this measure as it came before the House. I will continue to focus on commonsense principles that reduce government regulation, and get our economy back on track. We must aggressively pursue pro growth regulatory policies that advance our economy and job growth. We must head back in the right direction for our nation's future. I spoke out on this on the House Floor on Thursday, and you can watch the video here.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to speak with many of you on our telephone town hall calls. Many of you stressed concerns about the level of government spending, and the need to get it under control. Washington, DC, consistently spent $21,000 per household annually through the 1980s and 1990s. However, this year the projection is $31,000 per household, on its way to $37,000 by 2020. I am a supporter of the Balanced Budget Amendment, and believe that Washington needs to live within its means the way families and businesses do. I will continue to oppose measures such as the $787 billion stimulus and the TARP bailouts, and will continue to support targeted and timely measures that stimulate economic growth while being fiscally responsible. It is very important that we rebuild consumer and business confidence by reducing spending and adopting policies with an eye on accelerating growth and job creation.

As the August District Work Period is upon us, I look forward to meeting with many of you at various events and meetings across the region. During this time, it is critical that I hear from you about your concerns and ideas regarding the issues and our country's future. One of the many ways we seek to do this is through town halls, and just this week I announced two Veterans' Town Halls to meet with veterans, their families and others interested to discuss issues affecting and important to veterans and their families. We must ensure that veterans receive the benefits and care they have earned serving our nation. I look forward to these meetings as a way to connect with veterans in our communities. Please visit my website for more information on the date, time and location at

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