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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position


Second, we must fight tax increases being pushed by the current Administration and Congress. I fundamentally understand that the money spent in Washington is not the Government's money, but your money, and the best way to return people to work and get our country's finances back in order is to grow our economy. You grow the economy by allowing individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to keep and reinvest more of their hard earned profits.

Further, one specific example where I would cut taxes is the estate or "death tax". Currently the death tax has expired but will make its appearance again in 2011. If Congress doesn't amend this legislation, your estate will be taxed at a 55% rate. This incredible tax increase is not acceptable. If elected to Congress, I will push for the permanent elimination of the "death" tax. We are taxed enough during our lives -- death should not be yet another taxable event.

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