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Congressman Sherman Says "Thank God for Republican Hypocrisy"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Sherman issued the following statement about Republican demands that Congress not reconvene in November and December:

"Republican leaders now demand that Congress agree not to reconvene for a so-called "lame duck' session after the November 2nd election. However, in November 2006, Republican Speaker Hastert called Congress back into session for a "lame duck' session. Had Congress not acted in the 2006 lame duck session, the entire Federal Government, save only the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, would have shut down. Thank God the Republicans did not believe then, what they claim to believe now.

"Although the Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives in the 2006 election, they called us back into a lame duck session to deal with critically important legislation. If speaker Dennis Hastert had not done so, then for two months the Federal Government would have been closed.

"The post-election defeat, "lame duck' Congress of 2006 also extended tax benefits for research and development and education, provided for trade relations with Vietnam, and authorized President Bush to negotiate a nuclear cooperation agreement with India.

"The Republican-called "lame duck' session of 2006 also confirmed Robert Gates.

"If the Republicans of 2006 had followed their own manifestly ridiculous proposal of 2010, then the Department of Defense would have been rudderless in late 2006, in the midst of two wars.

"Thank God the Republicans didn't do in the past what they now claim to be fair, proper and necessary.

"Republicans also called "lame duck' sessions in 2004, 2002 and 2000. Had they failed to do so, most of the federal government would have shut down for the last two months of each of those years, and the U.S. would have defaulted on its public debt in 2004."

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