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Brady Announces Agriculture Agenda at Illinois State Fair

Press Release

Location: Springfield, IL

While surrounded by area farmers and agribusiness leaders at the Illinois State Fair, Gubernatorial Nominee Bill Brady unveiled his vision to protect and improve the future of Illinois agriculture.

"Agriculture is and always will be the number one industry in Illinois," said Brady. "We must ensure farmers have a thriving economic environment that allows them to expand and utilize investments in advancing agriculture technology."

Illinois' agricultural commodities generate $9 billion for the state each year. We export $4 billion in agricultural goods yearly, accounting for 7 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports. Illinois is a national leader in ethanol production, producing over 675 million gallons of ethanol. Food processing has grown to become the largest section of the manufacturing economy, with more than 950 food processing companies located around the state. Bill Brady believes Illinois agriculture can become even better with friendlier tax policies and a stable budget.

"It is imperative that we don't put any additional burdens on the backs of the agriculture community through increased taxes and fees. In fact we need to go even further and repeal taxes that unfairly drive up costs on our agriculture professionals. The double tax on gasoline and the death tax are extremely costly to farmers, further driving away jobs and adding to Illinois' notorious unfriendly business climate," said Brady.

The Estate Tax, more commonly referred to as the "Death Tax," wrongfully burdens farmers when a large amount of property is transferred after the death of the primary owner. All too often, family farms and businesses have to be sold because those who inherit the property simply can not afford the tax bill. Illinois is also one of the few states that impose a sales tax on top of the motor fuel tax, further driving up costs.

Former Congressman Tom Ewing and George Obernagel have launched "Farmers and Agribusiness for Bill Brady." The organization supports Brady's agriculture agenda of reducing taxes, eliminated burdensome regulations, and bringing jobs back to Illinois.

Brady proposes an agriculture package that will allow our states' number one job producer to grow and adapt to ever-changing economic conditions in the agriculture industry. He cites the need to ensure a well maintained transportation system throughout the state, including our waterways, rail networks, and roads. Expanding agricultural production, food manufacturing, and exports will be a top priority of the Brady Administration.

Advancements in bio-diesel and ethanol are critical to expanding Illinois' reputation as an innovator in alternative fuels. Brady will work to eliminate the bureaucratic red tape that restricts development in these and other agricultural technologies. He will also ensure those looking to invest in future developments have all the tools necessary to explore creative modernization by permanently extending the Research and Development Tax Credit.

Bill Brady understands that the key to a sustainable, agricultural based economy is quality education. "We have the best resources in the entire country," said Brady. "The smartest minds, the best land, and hardest working people live right here in Illinois. Everything it takes to be national leader in all areas of agriculture, we have at our finger tips.

"However, the fiscal conditions piled on top of us at the hands of the Blagojevich/Quinn administration have put our state at a disadvantage," said Brady. "We cannot expect the business community, the agriculture community, and the manufacturing community to absorb the costs of fiscal mismanagement by the current administration. Every day these job providers, the driving force of our economy, are threatened with a new tax or higher fee from Governor Quinn. It has to stop. We must move forward by embracing the success of our farmers and agribusiness community, and put an end to the constant attacks on our number one job producer."

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