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Issue Position: Congressional Term Limits

Issue Position

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I pledge to serve no more than eight years in the United States House of Representatives; consisting of four 2-year terms. At the end of those four terms, I will retire from the House and return to private life.

When our forefathers founded this great country, they never intended to have career politicians running our federal government. They envisioned a government where citizens would serve for a relatively brief time and then return home to make a difference in their community in other ways.

Unfortunately, today we find ourselves saddled with a system that makes it nearly impossible to defeat an incumbent Congressman due to their close ties to powerful special interests, vast powers of incumbency subsidized by millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars and, in many cases, congressional districts that are gerrymandered to rob voters of competitive elections.

While there have been many men and women who have served honorably in Congress for a long time, I believe the system that they serve in is broken and it needs to be fixed. It is only through these kinds of systemic reforms that we will truly be able to restore accountability to government and put our country back on the path to prosperity.

I am running for Congress because I am afraid that the American Dream available to me and my generation won't be there for my three children and future generations of Americans. By term limiting myself to eight years, I can focus on doing what it takes to solve the nations' problems, instead of doing what it takes to further my political ambitions.

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