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Argall Signs Pledge to Repeal Death Tax

Press Release

Location: Pottsville, PA

Dave Argall, Republican nominee for Pennsylvania's 17th District, has signed the Death Tax Repeal Pledge, vowing to the taxpayers that he will fight for limited government and allow the taxpayers to make decisions with their money, rather than redistribute private property, savings and investments of the taxpayers.

"In a time where our country has amassed unprecedented levels of debt due to out of control spending, it is basic common sense to repeal, once and for all, the death tax. For too long, our communities in central and eastern Pennsylvania have struggled to pass small businesses and family farms from generation to generation, and we need to help them keep those jobs in the district. I am signing this pledge to show the citizens of this district that I will fight to keep family-sustaining jobs here," stated Dave Argall.

"In rural communities throughout the five-county region, our farmers are hit hardest with the death tax. Our federal government is making it nearly impossible to pass a far from one generation to the next. I will lead the fight in Congress to see that we eliminate the agriculturecrushing death tax," continued Argall.

"As hardworking taxpayers are worried about their savings and investments, Congress should be eliminating frivolous taxes, like the death tax, that punish those who have done the right thing of saving and investing. Unfortunately, my opponent, Tim Holden, voted in favor to tax you more if you pass on a family business to a loved one (6/29/97, Roll Call vote #245). If we keep sending the same people to Washington to represent us, we can expect the same results: higher tax and more spending. We should be rewarding those who have played by the rules and been responsible; not continuing to feed the federal government to continue paying for unfunded entitlements," concluded Argall.

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