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Argall Signs No Climate Tax Pledge

Press Release

Location: Myerstown, PA

Dave Argall, Republican nominee for Congress, signed Americans for Prosperity's "No Climate Tax Pledge" to oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a tax increase during the November is Coming bus tour in Lebanon County.

"Americans for Prosperity visited Lebanon County because Speaker Pelosi needs Congressman Holden's vote for re-election to Speaker of the House, along with votes for more wasteful spending and bailouts of failing companies. I signed the pledge because when we have historic levels of unemployment throughout the district, we cannot be overtaxing job creators that want to develop and expand domestic energy production here in Pennsylvania," Argall noted.

"The pledge might as well read, 'Dear Nancy Pelosi, don't raise my taxes no matter what your excuse is.' We cannot hope for the employers to begin hiring while the Democrats in Washington continue pushing for a cap and trade, or cap and tax, policy. This district possesses numerous energy resources. As your next Congressman, I will push for energy independence without tax increases as we look to create jobs here in the district," concluded Argall.

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