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Blog: Extending The 2001 & 2003 Tax Cuts


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A recently released NBC/WSJ poll showed that a majority of Americans want to extend, at least temporarily, the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for all taxpayers, including those in the upper bracket. 71 percent of those polled said it would be acceptable to maintain all the cuts until the economy perks up, while roughly half would be fine with a permanent extension.

The Democrats, of course, are on the opposite side. But that should not be a surprise. This administration and Democrat-led congress have been trying to force-feed the American people their ideological pabulum for over eighteen months. Despite our better instincts, they've jammed ill-conceived healthcare and financial reform down our throats. They've tried their best to saddle us with an absurd Cap and Trade scheme that would be economic armageddon. They continually attempt to pass broadly unpopular legislation that only panders to their constituent groups. For example, they're working hard to eliminate the secret ballot from union elections. They continually vote to bailout the teacher's union, and they kick and scream about doing what's necessary to address the very serious immigration problems we are facing.

Is it any wonder, then, that a staggering nearly 60 percent of the people believe the economy is on the wrong track, and an equally mind boggling 64 percent predict that we've yet to hit bottom? It's time to end the nonsense and elect people who have the best interests of the entire country at heart, rather than a desire to reshape America according to their radical left-wing ideals. Let's remember what's made our country great. Vote for people who will stop the cronyism and put us on a path to prosperity for all.

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