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Blog: Spending and the Economy


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If you're not convinced that elections matter, consider the rhetoric coming out of Democrat circles. Their apoplexy over the utter failure of Obamanomics and its upwards of $2 trillion in failed stimulus spending is leading them to suggest some rather "interesting" next steps.

In their ultra-liberal minds, the problem is not that they've spent unprecedented amounts of money (times 10); it's that they have not spent enough. Can you imagine a congress after the 2010 midterm elections that would inflict more of the same fiscal insanity on the economy and American people? Liberal thought leaders, like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, argue that the stimulus should have been at least double the size that was actually passed. Amazing. Believe it or not, Reich is arguing for a Depression-era-like Works Progress Administration (WPA) program. If you recall, the WPA was a big government program instituted to hire millions of the unemployed.

Apparently, some things never change with the Democrats. They didn't trust the free market during the Depression, and thus prolonged it substantially--and they don't trust it now. So, we all have to pay the price because they are blinded by a discredited government-first orthodoxy.

Elections do matter. Let's put an end to the big government craziness and install representatives who understand fiscal restraint, pro-growth initiatives, and the free market.

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