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Blog: Missouri Proves it: Americans want Less Government


Location: Unknown

Missouri voters just overwhelmingly rejected, albeit symbolically, the healthcare provision that requires everyone to carry insurance. People all over the country are recognizing the healthcare care law, and many other acts by the Obama administration and Democrats, for the massive intrusion on liberty that they represent. It is important to remember that as expensive and sovereignty-threatening as these big government initiatives are when initially enacted, they get much, much worse over time.

For example, in 1966, Medicare cost $3 billion. It was estimated that by 1990, allowing for inflation, the cost would rise to $12 billion. The actual cost in 1990: a staggering $107 billion--nearly a 900% underestimation! Today, Medicare's costs and unfunded liabilities run in the trillions.

Big government programs only get bigger, eventually choking our economic vitality and threatening our prosperity. A liberal Jason Altmire has shown absolutely no proclivity for stopping this massive government incursion. He certainly has not stood up to fight his party leaders to halt the big government policies. We need an aggressive champion for limited government who will work to enact pro-growth policies.

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