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Blog: Democrats and the Economy


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Aren't you tired of President Obama's and the Democrat congress' excuses about the economy? Is it leadership to continually point the finger and lament the situation they inherited? Whatever happened to optimism and action? When Ronald Reagan took office in 1980 he wasn't obsessed with the disastrous economy he was handed by Jimmy Carter. Instead, he got to work on implementing a straightforward and simple set of pro-growth initiatives. The economy responded in dramatic fashion and with relative alacrity. It's important to remember that Reagan delivered those results despite previous administration's policies that greeted his presidency with inflation in the 12 to 13% range and interest rates upwards of 21%. As significant as the current downturn has been, who would trade it for the hand Reagan was dealt?

The good news is that we don't have to endure a dark decade like Japan did and many now predict for the United States. Instead, we simply need to elect people who understand that government is not the solution. We can return to prosperity with a common sense approach that unlocks the power of our market economy. Allow people to keep more of their hard-earned money so they can save and invest it. Incent business formation and expansion. Stop smothering initiative with an overly burdensome, unnecessary, and unclear regulatory and tax framework.

Let's follow the proven Kennedy and Reagan model for jumpstarting a moribund economy, not the failed model of Western Europe's thirty plus year flirtation with cradle to grave social democracy. We've already seen the failure of big government at the state level. It is no coincidence that the states that have historically received the most earmarks and/or been the most business unfriendly are the ones in a perpetual state of decline? Clearly, a reliable pro-growth business climate would be a superior alternative to perpetual stagnation and decline. The country needs industries and jobs that will be there after the government money runs out. Such jobs can only be created and supported by the private sector. An environment where government jobs are being created at a faster rate than private sector jobs, and where those government jobs pay nearly double the average private sector wage, is not sustainable. We ultimately pay for this explosion of government workers and wages. That's less money in our pockets, and therefore, a lower standard of living.

We will become prosperous again by voting for people who support economic policies that have historically made America great.

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