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Blog: Rangel and Altmire


Location: Unknown

Remember this Nancy Pelosi gem from back in 2006: She promised to "drain the swamp" and "run the most ethical congress in history." Well, here we are nearly four years later, and yet another Democrat, Charlie Rangel, is up to his neck in scandal. Is Pelosi draining the swamp? Nope. Instead, she sits idly by, quieter than a librarian with laryngitis, as the muck gets deeper and deeper.

Apparently the condition is catchy, because virtually the entire Democrat caucus has been equally silent. In fact, a few dozen plus have been more than just quiet. Jason Altmire and forty one of his Democrat colleagues have evidently decided that it's ethical to keep tainted Rangel campaign cash. Altmire was on the receiving end of $21,000 in campaign contributions from Rangel and his PAC, but has not found it necessary to do the principled thing and return the money.

So, not only has Altmire chosen to remain silent, rather than call for a swift and decisive resolution to the Rangel matter, he's also managed to splatter himself with some of that rising swamp water. Perhaps it's not surprising that someone such as Altmire who voted for the hyper-political "do as I say not as I do' Pelosi, would allow himself to become ethically compromised.

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