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Day 49: Loebsack Still Silent on Debate Challenge, One Topic Worth Discussion is Democrats' New-Found Concern for Manufacturing Jobs

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Location: Ottumwa, IA

Day 49: Loebsack Still Silent on Debate Challenge, One Topic Worth Discussion is Democrats' New-Found Concern for Manufacturing Jobs

As Rep. David Loebsack's refusal to agree to debate his opponent reaches Day 49, GOP candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks said today that the Democratic incumbent should come clean about his party's decision to focus on manufacturing jobs after polling revealed the issue is important to voters.

A Washington Post story on Tuesday noted that House Democrats were briefed on a poll this spring that "key voting blocs -- including independents and older people with no college education -- named the loss of manufacturing jobs as a top worry." It continues, "Senior Democrats acknowledge that their latest approach was born out of politics."

"I didn't need a poll to tell me we need to do something to encourage the manufacturing sector to create more jobs," Miller-Meeks said in response to the news report. "I've been talking since 2008 about the need to create a climate that keeps jobs in the United States instead of driving them offshore. For instance, I said then that I favor creating an industry of energy within our district that promotes our economy, protects our environment and ensures our national security - and I still do. And I oppose the Democrats' disastrous cap-and-trade scheme, which the Congressional Budget Office warns will cost the average citizen $1,700 a year. It will destroy jobs across the nation and right here in our district, and it's nothing more than a tax on senior citizens on a fixed income, families and single parents who are the least able to afford increased utility rates."

Miller-Meeks' campaign first attempted to fax or hand-deliver a debate challenge to Loebsack's campaign headquarters two days after the June 8 primary election but calls were immediately forwarded to voice mail and its only mailing address is a post office box. Miller-Meeks, who proposes a debate in each of the district's 15 counties, sent the challenge to Loebsack's campaign headquarters by registered mail the following week.

The Democrats don't have a corner on the market when it comes to a focus on creating high-paying, quality manufacturing jobs. Far from it. In fact, I'd ask, 'What took them so long?'" Miller-Meeks said. "My message is straightforward: Congressman Loebsack, if your party leaders are saying you need to finally start talking about creating manufacturing jobs, let's do it. If you have any respect whatsoever for your constituents, why don't you agree today to join me on the same stage in each county in the district and talk about this issue and our other national priorities?"

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