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Day 46 and Still No Answer: Loebsack's Refusal to Debate Does Disservice to Second District Voters

Press Release

Location: Ottumwa, IA

Rep. David Loebsack's 46-day silence in response to a debate challenge is a disservice to Iowans in the Second Congressional District's 15 counties, said Republican candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who renewed the challenge today.

"I wrote to David Loebsack on June 14 urging him to join me over the summer in a series of debates in all 15 counties in the district because he and I have some very clear differences in how we'd approach the nation's challenges. His silence disappoints me but, more important, it's a disservice to his constituents," Miller-Meeks said. "David Loebsack got elected claiming he'd change the way they do things in Washington but, unfortunately, he's playing the same old game of duck-and-run. I've criticized his votes to bail out Wall Street, approve the ObamaCare take-over of our health care system and run up our national debt and his support of cap and trade and other votes that hamper Iowans' employment and productivity. If he believes he made the right decision on those matters he owes it to the voters of the district to stand side by side and talk about those issues so we can have an honest, informative discussion."

Miller-Meeks' campaign first attempted to fax or hand-deliver the challenge to Loebsack's campaign headquarters two days after the June 8 primary election but calls were immediately forwarded to voice mail and its only mailing address is a post office box. Miller-Meeks sent the challenge to Loebsack's campaign headquarters by registered mail the following week and invited newspapers, radio and television stations and civic organizations to contact her campaign to express their interest in sponsoring a debate in their county.

"David Loebsack and his campaign staff have had the debate challenge since June 16. Forty-six days is far too long to stonewall voters," Miller-Meeks said. "There's still plenty of time for the two of us to debate in all 15 counties. He should get the month of August off to a productive start by agreeing today to debate me across the district. What about it, congressman?"

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