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Fort Bend Herald - Deficits Irk Dewhurst

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Don Munsch

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said he is put off by Republicans and Democrats when it comes to how they manage money.

The Republican lieutenant governor spoke about spending and deficits, the health care bill and the southern border at the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance's business luncheon Friday at Safari Texas Ranch.

Federal lawmakers from both parties lack fiscal responsibility, he said. The Obama administration has increased national debt by $13 trillion, and by the end of this decade, it will be $20 trillion, he said.

In 2015, the country's debt service will be $500 billion a year, and it will continue to grow. Dewhurst cited other dire numbers about the country's debt.

Dewhurst eschews large government spending and said lawmakers from Washington could learn something from the way the Texas state government budgets its money.

"The good news is that Americans and Texans are fed up," Dewhurst said. "They're fed up with Washington spending $5 for every $3 it collects. … But unfortunately, I don't think that Washington is getting the message, because look at what they're doing. The government is involved in the takeover of the banks, the automotive in dustry and now the entire health care system.

"Our children and their children are being saddled with debt and increasing taxes just to pay off this debt."

Dewhurst embraces a "pro-growth business environment agenda that encourages investors to invest and different companies to move to Texas." That attitude has helped "Texas (have) the economy that is the strongest in the country," he said, adding that the state has created a 1-1/2 new jobs in the past six years.

Last year, the state eliminated the business tax on 40,000 small businesses, saving those businesses $187 million this biennium, Dewhurst said.

He also touted state programs that will create jobs and a budget mind-set centered on tightening belts and not raising taxes.

On the Mexico border, he said, the state has done what it can do to deal with the border, but the state needs federal government assistance.

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