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Roskam Statement on July's Unemployment Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), Deputy Whip and Ways and Means Committee member, issued the following statement after the Department of Labor announced nonfarm payrolls fell by 131,000 for the month of July:

"Numbers are stubborn things, and today's job numbers demonstrate that the Democratic Majority has created so much uncertainty in the economy that businesses large and small are unwilling to invest capital in new workers. The question Americans ask themselves as they watch this Majority fumble the economy is "What are we getting for all this government spending?" Unfortunately, the answer is a sputtering economy and debt piling up at an unprecedented pace.

The focus needs to return to the concerns of small businesses, who are staring January 1st and the largest tax hike in history that comes that day right in the face. How any reasonable person could conclude that raising taxes on small businesses would encourage them to hire more people is beyond me. Cutting spending and sending clear signals about taxes and regulations would allow these small businesses to plan their growth with confidence, something the Democratic Majority seems to have forgotten when they began spending trillions of dollars that our grandkids must pay back.

House Republicans continue to keep their finger on the pulse of the country with, a site where tens of thousands of policy solutions have been offered by hundreds of thousands of Americans this summer. There's a message we're hearing again and again on stop the spending madness and focus on job creation policies that don't increase taxes and uncertainty."

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