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Issue Position: Jobs & Economy

Issue Position

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Our most urgent challenge is creating jobs and reviving our economy. As I travel around our state, I've talked with workers, small business owners, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. They all tell me the same thing -- Washington isn't listening. People are wondering why it's so easy for politicians to find the political will to bail out Wall Street, but so tough to do more to create jobs and grow our economy.

That's what I've done as Attorney General -- standing up for the small businesses, workers, and manufacturers whose success is vital to the economy of Connecticut:

* When GM announced that they intended to close the Alderman Motors dealership in Meriden, a family business that's been around and employing area workers for nearly 90 years, I fought back. I worked with others to convince GM to change course and keep this small business open, saving Connecticut jobs.
* When Pratt & Whitney wanted to ship nearly 1,000 Connecticut jobs out of state and overseas, we successfully challenged them in court for failing to honor the employment contract they signed with their workers, and kept those jobs here.
* When the Federal Trade Commission tried to weaken the standard for what products could be labeled as "Made in the U.S.A.," I challenged that plan on behalf of 18 Attorneys General, and Washington backed down.

Connecticut needs a Senator willing to take on the special interests, as I have done -- fighting the pharmaceutical drug companies when they've overcharged us, the utilities when they've raised rates, and big tobacco when they've addicted our children.

In the Senate, I'll continue my fight for Connecticut's people. Turning our economy around is a complex task that will require tackling solutions on multiple fronts. Here are some of the things I believe we must do:

* Extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the Middle Class. In this economy, we cannot raise taxes on struggling middle-class families. For this reason, I support extending the Bush tax cuts for the 95% of Americans making under a quarter of a million dollars a year.
* Growing Small Businesses. If we want to create jobs and economic opportunity, we need to embrace new ways to help small businesses and innovators succeed. We've got to listen to our small business owners and entrepreneurs and put their good, common-sense ideas to work.
* Made in Connecticut. Connecticut workers are among the most talented in the world, but too often corporate profits and global pressures overpower their interests and those of local and American industry. We've got to do more to make "Made in Connecticut" and "Made in America" mean more in Washington.
* Holding Wall Street Accountable. In the wake of the economic collapse of 2008, no one has been hurt more than the consumer. I opposed the Wall Street bailout because it was too big, poorly designed and inadequately supervised. Two years later, Washington finally passed a comprehensive reform of the financial system, which I support. We must build on these solutions to ensure that the American people are protected from future recklessness.
* Growing the Green Energy Industry. The global energy market is worth trillions of dollars and countless jobs. The country that controls it will dominate the next century. Nations like China already are trying to stake their claim on the hundreds of billions of dollars in investment waiting to go to the country that takes the lead on clean energy. I believe that America must win this race, and Connecticut can lead the way.

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