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Dr. Coburn Calls Border Security Bill a Political Move


Location: Washington, DC

Highlights Wall Street Accounting Tactics Used in Bills Funding

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) today issued the following statement regarding the unanimous consent agreement to pass H.R. 6080, a border security funding bill identical to the Senate version passed on August 5.

"This bill does not provide an adequate increase in border security and adds another $500 million to our $13 trillion national debt. Since PAYGO was enacted with much fanfare in February the Senate has voted to add over $260 billion to our deficit in order to finance new spending.

"To claim this bill has been 'paid for' is disingenuous. The revenues raised by increasing filing fees for visa dependent employers is based on the false claim that spending more now will result in greater savings later.

"This bill does too little at too high a cost. Instead of wasting resources and distracting law enforcement efforts by filing a lawsuit against the state of Arizona, the federal government should be helping states to secure the border. Likewise, if Congress was serious about protecting Americans from border related crimes, we would pass a bill to secure the borders once and for all and pay for it by cutting wasteful Washington spending rather than using accounting gimmicks."

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