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Las Vegas Tribune - Who Put That Iceberg Here?

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Location: Unknown

According to polls the majority of Americans think our Nation is currently on the wrong path and believe November is the time to replace those responsible. "Shelley Berkley has been busy voting to increase taxes on small businesses while failing to regulate the culprits of our economic crisis," said Ken Wegner the Republican nominee for Congressional District 1.

Mr. Wegner added, "what else can you expect when her campaign is funded by two of the principal culprits responsible our current economic crisis, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae." Wegner states that he is proud to be running for congress with a campaign funded 100% by individual contributions. "I do not accept money from PACs, lobbyists, or other special interest; because I understand that under our constitutional government I represent the people, and will not allow my office to be suspect of anything else." Many voters believe the current members of congress caused our economic crisis through their anti business agenda, and they should not be entrusted to lead us out of this crisis.

Mr. Wegner compares the current decision facing voters to the Titanic disaster. He states, "On April 10, 1912 the RMS Titanic set off on her maiden voyage as the largest passenger steamship in the world. Just four days later she struck an iceberg and sank resulting in the deaths of over 1,500 people." Similar to the Titanic, our economy is the world's largest economy and liberals put it on a dangerous course doomed to collide with their anti business pro union platform. Wegner asks, "would rescue ships that arrived at the tragic scene to help victims of the Titanic be expected to allow the Titanic's former Captain or chief officers steer their rescue ships out of the iceberg field and back to their home ports?" It is absolute insanity to expect these members of congress, who have had their political careers funded by these lobbyists, to now find the honor and principle to guide us out of the crisis they created.

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