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Berkley Decides to Start Helping!

Press Release

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Just weeks before the election, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley finally writes her very first piece of to directly address the two-year economic crisis where Nevadans lost over 200,000 jobs and over 300,000 homes.

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley has finally decided to write a piece of legislation to deal with the economic crisis. After over 300,000 Nevadan homes have been lost to foreclosure and over 200,000 Nevadans have lost their jobs. Berkley announced she would write a bill during her 6-week vacation to extend unemployment benefits past the 99-week period allowed by current law. Deciding to finally act like a legislature only weeks before an election does not make Berkley an effective leader anymore than a misguided bill makes her a successful one.

The proposed bill treats symptoms but fails to address the actual problem. "While I commend Congresswoman Berkley for surrendering to election year political pressures and finally deciding to legislate, it is unfortunate that her utter lack of leadership has created and prolonged the crisis," said Kenneth Wegner Candidate for Nevada Congressional District One. "A doctor might give a painkiller to a patient suffering from appendicitis, but the doctor will also perform surgery to make sure the patient lives."

Shelley Berkley failed to address the root cause of unemployment and her policies over the past two years have exacerbated the problem. Congresswoman Berkley's ill-advised decision to ignore the economic crisis and pursue a yearlong takeover of healthcare resulted in a deeper more prolonged economic crisis. Congress's approach has been starkly anti business and pro spending. Nevadans do not expect Congresswoman Berkley to issue Supreme Court rulings or write Executive Orders, they expect her to be a legislator and write bills to help the state. Rather than taking the lead by drafting bills concerning the issues disproportionally affecting our state, Congresswoman Berkley decided to use her time to pursue the most liberal agenda in history.

Congress cannot be anti business and pro jobs. Small businesses are the engine that keeps our economy going, they create and provide over 70% of all American jobs. Instead of specifically responding to the crisis, congress decided to pass some of the most sweeping anti business regulations in history. "The most fundamental thing Congress can do to aid during this crisis is simple: get off the backs of businesses and get out of their way," said Wegner. "You can no more spend your way out of debt than you can regulate businesses into prosperity. Congress basically showed up to the raging fire and tried to extinguish it with gasoline, and now continues to stoke the flames with more than $4 trillion and counting."

The primary issue in November concerns whether members of Congress are doing their job, and if they deserve to be rewarded with another term. Congress has failed to lead at a time when Nevada needed leadership. Similar to an Ostrich, Berkley has had her head in the sand during the economic crisis, with the exception of this 11th hour attempt to pull her head out of the sand and quickly write a piece of legislation. Incredibly she now expects voters to follow by putting their collective heads in the sand and reelect her in November.

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