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My guiding principles and platform are derived from the principles of the Common Law. Similar to the Golden Rule of Christianity, do not infringe on the rights of others and honor all contracts entered into freely.

This philosophy is in agreement with platform and principles of the Libertarian Party and can be referenced at:

They are also mentioned here.

1.) The People are Sovereign, The People are the masters and the government is the servant.

2.) Respect for Individual Rights.

3.) Personal Liberty. Individuals are free to make their own choices and accept the consequences.

4.) Freedom of Expression, oppose government censorship.

5.) Right to Personal Privacy, Support 4th Amendment, secure in our homes,persons and property.

6.) Right to Personal Relationships

7.) Support of the Common Law and those Constitutional protections afforded the accused.

8.) Right to Self Defense. Right to Bear Arms.

9.) Economic Liberty. Free market rules.

10.) Property Rights. Oppose all government controls and restrictions on private property owners.

11.) Support Clean and Healthy Environment.

12.) Oppose government energy control and subsidies.

13.) The right to work and keep the fruits of ones labor. Oppose taxes on labor. The government should not incur debt.

14.) Favor free market banking.

15.) Oppose all laws which impede the ability of any person to find employment. Support individuals right to associate or not associate with a labor union. Support employers rights to recognize or not recognize a labor union.

16.) Education would be best served by the free market.

17.) Health care would be best served by the free market.

18.) Retirement planning is the responsibility of the individual.

19.) Protection of Individual rights is the only proper purpose of the governement.

20.) Support the military to defend aggression against the United States.

21.) The defense and intelligence communities shall not take priority over the civil liberties of our citizens.

22.) Oppose any governmental impediments to free trade.

23.) Oppose all discrimination.

24.) Self Determination. Whenever the government becomes destructive of individual liberty it is the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.

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