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Issue Position: Economy and Job Creation

Issue Position

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What can be done to increase economic development in our area and the state as a whole?

"I grew up in Spring Creek and went to Guntersville high school like a lot of folks I moved off to college and then ventured home; it is hard to find a job in Marshall County. I can tell you that without my family's willingness to help me get started in small business I'm not sure I would have been able to settle here in Guntersville. Thank goodness that option was there for me, I know firsthand what it takes to start a business, create jobs, and put people to work. We don't need to have government taking over companies and sectors of our economy. We need government to create an atmosphere that is conducive to business and not overburdening to our companies to the point that it stifles growth or creates a disincentive to take risk or start a business. My District is one of the most unique areas in the country. It is a hidden secret which we all enjoy but if we are willing to keep our secret to ourselves we must provide a way for our kids to come back and to enjoy it and make a living here. We have a real opportunity with BRAC coming to Huntsville and our local economy holding up better than most in these hard times. The Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) relocation of 4700 jobs to the Huntsville Alabama area are on track and scheduled to be complete in 2011. We must be an integral part of this move. We have the best natural resource that money can't buy and that's beautiful Lake Guntersville. I have several businesses that have used Lake Guntersville to create something for our city. I also have several ideas for Lake Guntersville to boost it and make it an attraction for small business and for tourist and recreational users. Let's get people into our town to enjoy it and to spend their money here for six months out of the year and then they can go home to their cities and we will keep our hidden joy and keep their investment to make our city better. Guntersville is and always will be a tourist and recreation town with its greatest assets being its lake and its people and that's what we most utilize. Economic Development should be focused on bringing in new businesses to our area while also working to keep the businesses that we already have now. If elected, I will support a pro-growth, business friendly agenda to foster local small business with legislation that puts them on the same playing field as out of state corporations to make investment in our communities. Without employers there are no jobs"

Wes on Creating Jobs-

"We all hear talk about how we should create jobs. First, let me make it clear I know how to create jobs. I create jobs everyday and the first step to creating a job is creating opportunity for investors and small business people to take risk and to make a profit. Tax increases kill job creation, bail outs from the top down kill job creation. If you want to create jobs then you have to put the money in the hands of the people at the bottom, the entrepreneurs, the startup ventures, the startup capital and the Mom and pop businesses. 90% of all companies in this country are small business companies. Let's keep government stable and in check, so that people with capitol will invest in the future and opportunities. Currently, the uncertainly of our economic environment has caused the job creators to stop, the banks to quit lending and the money to stop moving. The government cannot create sustainable jobs without small business and business's that invest in your future."

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