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The Truth About What a State Legislator Can Do To Create Jobs
People run for office and tell people they are somehow going to wave a magic wand and suddenly create all these high paying jobs. That is simply untrue and it hurts the credibility and trust in government to make such outrageous claims. Most of the time they never tell you specifically what they are going to do. The truth is, the good and lasting jobs for the most part are created in the private sector. Most of the time when the government attempts to create jobs they do it one of two ways. By taxing you or putting more debt on your children and grand children. That's the truth.

So what can a State Representative do to create jobs?
The most important thing a State Representative can do is work to pass laws that will create a more positive business environment, by limiting frivolous lawsuits and putting real caps on punitive damages. I recently ask a Marshall County small manufacturer what the most important thing state government can do to help his business? He said, get out of our way.

There are things the government can and should do.

*Provide the best public education possible from K through 12 to Community Colleges and Universities. I strongly believe more emphasis should be placed on Technical Education at the high school and Community College level.

*A State Representative should work to develop a good relationship with the Governor. The first contact most companies make when considering locating in Alabama is the Alabama Development office If a State Representative has a good relationship with the Governor's office and the ADO Director, many times they will tip you off as to who is looking at Alabama and you can then relay that information to your city, county and chamber of commerce people to have them make contact.

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