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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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I have no problem with the Hispanic people. God loves them as much as He loves me. If they come here legally, I welcome them. My problem is with the illegal immigrants and all of the social and economic problems they cause. The Federal government has totally failed in its responsibility, especially in securing the border.
So what can be done at the state level? First, we have to approach this from the standpoint that the Federal government is not going to do anything and the state must do everything it can to deal with this problem, even though limited in some areas. Arizona has taken this approach and have recently passed the so-called, " Arizona Law". We should pass a carbon copy of that law in Alabama but we must do much more. Arizona has already passed a good number of laws to deal with this problem, whereas Alabama, with Democrats in control of the Legislature has passed none and have completely refused to deal with this problem.
Here are some of the laws I want to pass in Alabama.

*The state benefits going to illegal's is going to break us. The first law I want to pass is one that says in order for a person to receive any state benefits they must first prove they are legal, this would include Medicaid, WIC and food stamps.

*Put state government on the E-Verify system. This will not only help employees of DHR (the welfare agency) but also employees of the Career Center (they screen potential employees) to determine if people are who they say they are and verify if they are legal or illegal.

*Pass a strong fraud bill. Any illegal applying for state benefits is breaking the law. They should be convicted of a felony, which is grounds for immediate deportation. You will not have to convict many illegal's under this law before the word will spread , you can't apply for state benefits and get away with it.
Why Are These Laws Important? California is at the point of bankruptcy. One of the major reasons are all of the benefits paid to illegal's. In California they have been facing this problem for fifty years, whereas in Alabama it has been 10 to 15 years. We must deal with this problem now or we will face the same fate.

*We should pass a law which says if you are driving an automobile without a drivers license or car insurance your vehicle will be impounded and held up to ninety days to give the person time to prove they have what they were charged with not having. If proof has not been forthcoming in ninety days the vehicle will be sold and the proceeds will go to law enforcement. If enforced statewide this law will be very effective. I will keep a check on this and make sure it is being enforced. If not I will call the names of the people responsible not enforcing it.

*We must crackdown on the manufacture of illegal documents. Anyone found making these should be convicted of a felony, which is grounds for immediate deportation.

*Require all cities and counties in the state to go on the E-Verify system and require them to use this to verify a person is legal before issuing a business license.

*Require all companies doing business with the state on go on the E-Verify system.

*The law for driving without a drivers license should be strengthened. Now a law enforcement officer has to see who is driving a vehicle before they can charge someone with driving without a license. Anyone who sees that the person was driving the vehicle should be able to testify in court. The fines should also be increased.

*If you register to vote all you have to do is check a box and swear that you are a citizen to be allowed to register. A government issued photo ID should be required.

*Before you are issued a tag or you are able to purchase a vehicle, proof positive you have automobile insurance should be required. Anyone not adhering to the law would be fined.

*It is already a law that you have to have insurance before you are issued a tag. This law should be strictly enforced. We should pass a law that requires the insurance companies to notify state and local enforcement and the Probate Judges office when insurance on a vehicle has lapsed.

Over the years there have been a large number of bills introduced in the Legislature to deal with illegal immigration. None of them have seen the light of day. In most all cases the bills have been assigned to a committee to die. You ask why? Don't the people want action to be taken? The reason is simple. The Democrats have controlled the Legislature for 130 years and the leadership made up of Democrats know they get 75 to 80 per cent of the Hispanic vote and they will do nothing to offend them.
Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

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