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Issue Position: Health Care System

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I have worked in the health care professions for long enough to know that virtually everything that is wrong with medical care is the result of Federal meddling, while virtually everything good that happens in medical care happens at the local, community level. Those two facts must guide lawmakers and the executives in government in crafting a simple solution to what is wrong.

I believe that as your State Representative I can play a critical role in developing a just, a fair, and a professionally excellent medical system for the people of Alabama.

Here is what we must do:

* Pass legislation making medical bills transparent to Alabama's citizens. This would mean that Alabamians would know what is actually paid for services, not just what is billed. When we see what is actually being paid, we will see that most of us don't need expensive policies, what we need is Health Savings Accounts. This encourages savings by Alabama's citizens, while making industry more competitive.

* Work with Insurance Companies to help develop Health Savings Accounts as investment instruments, partnering Alabama's citizens directly with their Insurance Companies. This will serve to control the cost of health care while increasing investment in Alabama.

* Work with Alabama's delegation to the US Congress to protect Health Savings Accounts from destruction by Liberal Socialist who are determined to control all Medical Care. We must defeat Obamacare.

* Legislation that promotes the success of charitable medical services in Alabama so that over time fewer people enroll in Medicaid. Medicaid has bankrupted states that previously were world wide economic powerhouses. We must work to gradually reduce Medicaid enrollment before it bankrupts Alabama.

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