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Blog: Rob Portman on Dennis Prager's Radio Show: The Private Sector -- Not Government -- Creates Jobs


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U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman today appeared on The Dennis Prager Radio Show to discuss the Portman Plan to Create Ohio Jobs and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher's failed record in the last three years to create jobs. Key excerpts and audio links below:

Rob Portman on a Strong Economy:

I think that it's directly related to jobs and our economy. I would even say, Dennis, not just long term but even short term. If you see on, our jobs plan, it talks not just about the fact that we need to keep taxes low and regulations low, have an energy policy that makes sense, not cap and trade, change the healthcare bill that just passed because it's bad for jobs but we also need to get the deficit and debt under control, get the size and scope of government down because it hurts our economy and hurts jobs. It's all related.

Rob Portman on Government vs. the Private Sector:

I've kind of seen what works and what doesn't work-as have most Americans because most Americans are in the private sector. And you know, you can't keep spending what you don't have. You can't spend your way to prosperity. The government doesn't create jobs -- the private sector does. If you follow just those basic principles that I know you believe in and you talk about not just on your show but in your writings. I think we can turn this thing around because you know, we know from experience what works and what doesn't work.

Rob Portman on Ideas to Get Ohio's Economy Moving Again:

The record is that my opponent, who is the Lieutenant Governor now, has been in office for the last 3-3 ½ years. He has presided over a loss of about 400,000 jobs in Ohio. When he became Lieutenant Governor, he also became the head of our Development Department here in Ohio which is responsible for job creation. He said judge me by my record, including job creations and frankly, Ohio has fallen behind. Having lost nearly 400,000 jobs is bad enough but since the stimulus package, which he strongly supported, you know, we've lost another 130,000+ jobs. So it's a different approach. He has a record he doesn't want to talk about so he's going on the attack. We're out there with a very specific jobs plan. Again, check it out on And we're talking about the way to get this economy moving again. Not Republican ideas or Democrat ideas, frankly, they're just common sense ideas-including taking the stimulus money and redirecting it in ways that will help get small businesses back on track right now.

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