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Democrats are Reconvening Congress for a $26 Billion "Fix" to Their Spending Addiction

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Five days. That is all it took for the Democrats to call on the House of Representatives to reconvene for a special recess session. For what? It must be due to some national security issue, right? Wrong. Then it probably relates to enabling a federal response to some natural disaster that requires Congressional approval, correct? Wrong again. The Democrats who control the House have called my colleagues and me back into session in order to spend more of your money. We cannot go one week without the Democrats trying to add billions more to our escalating debt.

On Tuesday August 10, it appears that we will vote on a $26.1 billion dollar package which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will add $12.6 billion to the deficit. Add this to the stimulus package, bank bailouts, and automobile manufacturer takeovers and the runaway spending continues without pause. In fact, this year's deficit is already $1.2 trillion, getting dangerously close to last year's record $1.4 trillion. During the last two years, the US debt has grown more than it did during the eight years of the Bush Administration.

This $26.1 billion dollar package contains $10 billion that the Democrats have labeled as "teacher jobs" spending. The intent of these dollars is to provide bailout funds to states with shortfalls in their education budgets. Don't forget that the stimulus bill that passed last year already provided$53.6 billion dollars to fill education gaps. It was also labeled as a "one-time appropriation" which was needed to ensure that jobs were not lost and the unemployment rate not rise. Those appear to be untruths. This legislation will add more money to the nearly one trillion dollars which has already been spent by Democrats to add new jobs and prevent the unemployment rate from rising. As we know, job losses continue to increase and our unemployment rate is hovering near 10 percent.

So how are the Democrats proposing to pay for this bill? One way is through tax increases. $9.7 billion in permanent tax increases will be levied by changing the rules on foreign tax credits used by American companies. As a result, American multinational companies will face increased costs which may ultimately put more American jobs at risk and create a disadvantage to them in the global marketplace. Another more detrimental method for finding the money to pay for this legislation is through cuts in military funding. The bill will rescind nearly $3 billion dollars in Department of Defense and military construction funding. Ultimately, many of these cuts will potentially affect our national security and possibly the economy of Northwest Florida.

Lastly, think about the cost to the American taxpayer of getting every Member of Congress and necessary staff back to the Capitol for one day. Members are all over the Country and throughout the world. The cost to return them to Washington, DC is no less than hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, neither you nor I should be surprised. Spending money is something these Democrats have perfected. Regrettably, it seems more like an addiction which cannot be cured and Tuesday's bill is just a $26.1 billion dollar "fix" to this insatiable craving.

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