Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

By:  Scott Renfroe
Location: Unknown

Illegal immigration is a great threat to our nation's security and economy. People who enter our country illegally may pose a threat to national security and drain our tax revenue on a daily basis by consuming education, health, and public safety services while contributing minimally or not at all through paying taxes.

The immigration system in the United State is broken -- it is too easy to enter this country illegally and too difficult to enter legally and find work. Even highly skilled employees with advanced degrees in engineering and medicine have difficulty obtaining work visas, even when companies in Colorado are ready to hire them.

The United States Congress needs to reform our immigration system to encourage legal immigration while cracking down on illegal immigration. Colorado needs to do the same, especially by discouraging employers from hiring illegal labor and eliminating the practice of providing costly state services to non-taxpaying individuals.

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