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Issue Position: Economic Stability and Jobs

Issue Position

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A strong economy is essential for healthy communities. I will work to strengthen Colorado's economy, blending both traditional and new job opportunities for all of Colorado.

It seems every candidate for political office repeats the mantra of "jobs, jobs, jobs". But, a good question for voters to ask is, what does that mean and what would you do to help the economy get rolling again?

As a state representative over the past 4 years, I've consistently voted for a business friendly Colorado. I'm from rural Colorado, so our interests and concerns aren't necessarily the same as those of the Front Range population. Yet, we all want a good economy and jobs for Colorado.

In the words of the Colorado National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), "Deeds, not words, mark a legislator as a friend of small business…" and with that in mind, I'm pleased to report that in early July, I was named as recipient of the NFIB's coveted Guardian of Small Business award. This award was based on my 100% pro-small business 2009-2010 voting record. I also support Colorado's larger businesses as they, too, are an important part of our state's economy. According to the 2010 legislative wrap-up and scorecard of the Denver Metro Chamber, out of the 61 bills that the Chamber took a position on, I scored a pro-business vote of 81%. Across the board, the Republican legislators at the state Capitol demonstrated their commitment to seeing Colorado recover quickly from this recession and I'm proud to be in front of that effort.

I also helped Colorado's energy economy and the natural gas and uranium industries, specifically, by sponsoring and supporting House Bill 1365. This bill opens the door to greater use of Colorado's abundant energy resources. We need an energy independent America and Colorado has a leading role to play in getting our country to that goal. Although a controversial piece of legislation, HB 1365, for me, is also very much about protecting states' rights and I discuss that topic in more detail below.

If the Colorado Public Utilities Commission adopts a proposal to be developed under HB 1365, the Denver metro area could see greater use of Colorado's cleaner burning natural gas. Because of this bill, Colorado stands to gain 400 new jobs in the natural gas industry alone. The bill also encourages development of other low emitting resources like nuclear power. Colorado coal is considered more valuable than other coals so the vast majority of it is shipped out of state, but HB 1365 also looks to Colorado coal's future by also including clean coal technologies. It's time we move away from foreign energy supplies and make use of all the energy resources right here at home while providing good jobs in Colorado.

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