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Weiner & King end feud to push 9/11 health bill

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New York Post

Clashing Congressmen Anthony Weiner and Peter King have buried the hatchet.

The dueling pols -- who angrily exchanged verbal blows over the 9/11 health-care bill -- vowed to work together to get the legislation signed into law, King said yesterday.

"Both of us reached an understanding." said King.

The Long Island Republican and his Brooklyn/Queens Democratic rival made up after attending a meeting of the New York House delegation to discuss the bill, which died in Congress last month.

The measure would provide $7.4 billion in federal relief for Ground Zero workers suffering health problems.

Weiner had accused King of not doing enough to shore up Republican support, and claimed he was guilty of "providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing."

But King argued that the bill died because Democrats were too scared to put the bill to a simple majority vote.

Weiner was on the defensive Monday after Robert Zimmerman, a Democratic fund-raiser and member of the Democratic National Committee, sided with King.

Yesterday, Weiner said through his spokesman, "I won't rest until this bill gets passed. This isn't about me and Peter."

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