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A Voice of Reason Amid Rant

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New York Post

After his rant on the House floor, Democrat Anthony Weiner depicted his meltdown as righteous anger over the failure to fund health care for 9/11 responders. But Weiner's outburst never made sense, and now an important member of his party is coming forward to help clean up the mess.

Robert Zimmerman, a New York member of the Democratic National Committee, is joining with Long Island Republican Pete King, the target of Weiner's rant, to broker a bipartisan deal that would let the bill pass.

Their solution is simple: a majority vote. Had those rules been in effect, the bill would have passed easily. The problem is that Dem leaders engaged in gamesmanship that required a two-thirds vote.

The measure failed, even though it got 255 votes, far more than the 218 needed for a majority. Weiner then went nuts, inexplicably attacking King -- who voted for it.

"This issue has come to symbolize the crisis in confidence that our nation has in our government," Zimmerman told me about why he is crossing party lines to work with King.

"Our legislators are defining their credibility and effectiveness by the number of YouTube hits and sound bites that are generated." Weiner reportedly wants to drum Zimmerman out of the party leadership for daring to break ranks. The inclination is a telling example of his extreme partisanship.

Weiner, not incidentally, is all over the place on 9/11 issues. He wrote to Mayor Bloomberg, congratulating him for supporting the Ground Zero mosque. And long after others dropped their support for trying 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in lower Manhattan, Weiner continued to endorse it.

If Weiner gets his way, maybe KSM can stroll over to the mosque during trial lunch breaks. Imagine how the 9/11 responders and families would like that.

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