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Andy Martin Will Not Support Mark Kirk


Location: Chicago, IL

Andy Martin calls Mark Kirk a "fundamentally immoral" individual who is unfit to serve in the U. S. Senate

Martin will work to defeat Kirk

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Thursday, February 4th to announce he will not support, and will work to defeat, Mark Kirk for U. S. Senator.

"Mark Kirk is a fundamentally immoral individual," Martin will charge. "He worked to cover-up pedophilia in the U. S House of Representatives and tried to get pedophile Mark Foley to run for reelection. I find Kirk's behavior sickening.

"Kirk shamelessly lies about and inflates his military record. Kirk's military falsifications and exaggerations were an issue late in the primary. My advertising attacking Kirk's abuse of the U.S. Navy uniform was later picked up by a reporter.

"I will continue my Freedom of Information activity to seek the release of Kirk's hidden military files. There is nothing more despicable than a fraud such as Kirk who seeks to falsify his military service and "rip off' the valor of our men and women in uniform. Kirk is a sick, sick man.

"Kirk should be criminally prosecuted for his military abuses and falsifications.

"The slimy Illinois news media have been Kirk's accomplices in spreading Kirk's bogus military claims. In one utterly absurd example in January, Kirk issued a false press releases to the Associated Press, when then uncritically reported Kirk's lies. Kirk then printed the AP's lies on his own campaign literature, in effect laundering his lies through the Associated Press. This is journalism? I have posted the U. S. Navy's response to my earlier FOIA request, in which the Navy could find no records to confirm Kirk's claim that he "served' in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2008. [See]

"In reality and practicality Kirk has been a visiting congressman who tried to collect a second salary by falsely claiming he was doing "double duty.'

"In endorsing Mark Kirk, left-wing Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg called Kirk a "new Dick Durbin' and Richard Daley's favorite Republican. Is this what Republicans really want? Another Durbin? A Daley Republican? Is Kirk part of the corrupt bipartisan Combine, or what?

"Finally, Kirk bribed the Republican Party with $50,000 in cash to rig the primary in his favor. The "election' was a travesty. Cash-and-carry democracy is not democracy at all. It is Washington Beltway corruption and control of our local electoral process. Kirk used the Republican Party's apparatus as his own campaign machinery. When a primary is rigged, the candidates that emerge from that process are not entitled to party loyalty.

"I will not support Kirk. I will work to defeat Mark Kirk. He is a fundamentally immoral individual.

"I plan to support all of the other members of the Illinois Republican ticket."

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