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LeAlan Reacts to Elena Kagan's Confirmation


Location: Unknown

LeAlan Jones, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, reacts to the Senate's confirmation of Elena Kagan as Supreme Court Justice:

"While I celebrate more women on the Supreme Court, I am concerned that President Obama has yet to nominate any African-Americans to the bench after two vacancies. Furthermore, Elena Kagan's inability to hire any African-Americans during her time at Harvard is troubling. Yet again, the Obama administration is playing it "safe' -- and in turn, giving conservatives and corporations the upper hand. Elena Kagan will not be able to balance out the four ultra-conservative justices and their 1770s values. "Originalism' is a racist, classist values system that has no place in modern society -- and waxes nostalgic about a time when people like Justice Thomas and I were worth 3/5s of property-owning, white men."

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