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Moran Strongly Disappointed in Ruling to Block Immigration Law

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Ruling Will Weaken Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Congressman Jerry Moran issued the following statement in response to a ruling today by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, that blocks several provisions of the Arizona immigration law from taking effect tomorrow.

"I am extremely disappointed in Judge Bolton's ruling," Moran said. "Arizona is only trying to enforce our nation's laws--something the federal government has failed to do. Lawsuits against states like Arizona do nothing to stop illegal immigration. Rather than spending money on a lawsuit, the Obama Administration should have used those resources to secure the border," said Moran.

Arizona has been overrun with illegal immigration, and violent crime and kidnappings have harmed many residents. The Arizona immigration law challenged by the Obama Administration sought to address these circumstances and protect Arizonans.

Moran has introduced legislation, H.R. 5774, to discourage federal lawsuits like the suit against Arizona. The Respect for Local Laws Act will require the U.S. Department of Justice to pay for any legal costs incurred by a state or local government when a court upholds a constitutional challenge to a state or local immigration law. Companion legislation was introduced in the Senate by Senator Mike Johanns (NE).

As a strong supporter of the Arizona immigration law, Moran has signed two legal briefs in defense of Arizona's efforts to enforce federal immigration law.

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