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Issue Position: Protection of Gun Rights

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

* Support efforts to limit federal control of guns
* Encourage greater access for sportsmen

As Governor, I will be the strongest advocate for protection of Second Amendment rights. I love to hunt and fish. I'm proud owner for many years of a Wyoming lifetime small game, bird and fishing license. I strongly support gun rights, hunting, multiple-use on public lands, and efforts to limit federal control of guns.

I will oppose federal efforts to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. My collection of guns includes AR 15 models, .50 caliber, .22s, and many others. I do not want you or me to lose our right to own and use these guns. Therefore, I support the sunset of the assault weapons ban and reciprocity with other states for Wyoming's concealed carry laws. I will also direct my Attorney General to resist efforts to change new policy which allows guns to be carried in our national parks.

Don't let California bloggers or folks with hidden agendas muddy the waters because I was a prosecutor. I have always felt one of the best protections of gun rights is to enforce the ones on the books rather than adding new laws.

Tourism and hunting mean a great deal to Wyoming, and I always want Wyoming to be a place where we can be proud to say, "Come visit, you will like what you see." I am and always will be an avid outdoorsman. I support the efforts of the Wyoming Game and Fish, in cooperation with private landowners, to increase access through the Access Yes program to lands not otherwise accessible. We have to put Wyoming first. We have to make sure the public and sportsmen have access. I oppose land swaps or sales that further limit the public or sportsman's access to state land or diminish the quality of the access. The State has its school trust obligation, but sometimes a short-term benefit is not good for the long-term. We should participate in the public process provided by Wyoming law for land swaps or sales, voicing concerns. We do not want to see public access to state land going, going, gone.

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