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Transportation, Housing Bill Includes Minnesota Projects

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Four projects for Northeast Minnesota have been included in the appropriations bill that funds the nation's transportation and housing programs at the request of Congressman Jim Oberstar. The FY 2010 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill will come up for final passage by the U.S. House of Representatives today, it is expected to pass. The $67 billion funding bill addresses the important challenges of keeping our transportation system safe and strong, ensuring that every American has adequate shelter, and doing so in a way that strengthens the economy.

"This is a good bill that addresses our national priorities in a fiscally sound manner," said Congressman Jim Oberstar. "This legislation balances the housing and transportation needs of the country, and provides for safe roads and affordable housing. With Chairman Dave Obey's leadership of the Appropriations Committee, we were able to craft a bill that is $1.34 billion below the President's request and $500 million less than was spent on these programs in fiscal year 2010.

The following projects for Northeast Minnesota were included in the legislation at Oberstar's request:

* Northern Lights Express Intercity Passenger Rail, St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority, $500,000 for engineering and design
* Second Avenue Bridge Reconstruction, City of Cambridge, $750,000
* Capital Improvements for Residential Homes for People with Disabilities, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, $225,000 -- To maintain housing facilities that serve over 100 people with disabilities in the 8th Congressional District.
* Family House Residence, Rum River Health Services, $500,000 -- To create twelve temporary housing units for women in addiction treatment to live with their children and to create six new permanent supportive housing units where families can live once treatment is completed.

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