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Debt Effect is Negative for All


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If you are like me, and watch television or read the newspapers, you are bombarded by call for new government programs, designed on the one hand, to expand the reach of government, and on the other hand, that will increase our debt. Rarely, if ever, do you hear someone in Washington call for cuts in government spending, either in current departments of new programs. Thankfully, this is not true in Georgia., which, if for no other reason, the balanced budget amendment to our state Constitution prevents.

Recently, Governor Perdue announced that all state departments and agencies must cut their budgets by an additional four percent, with each department deciding how to effect the cuts. This could mean cutting planned new programs, furloughing employees for short periods of time or not filling currently open positions. All these measures, painful as they might be, are designed to meet the qualifications for a responsible balanced budget.

As your Representative, I am honored to serve the district on House committees that help direct the financial future of our state. I have seen first hand the challenges of facing a one billion dollar budget shortfall. But I can only imagine what it would be like in Congress looking at an overall debt that is approaching $15 trillion. And yet, you rarely hear calls from Washington to cut programs or in general, reduce the size of government.


We have completed the first round of elections in Georgia, with a small 21% of those registered on Cherokee County taking the time to vote. This is, of course, an individual's right. But in some cases, this might send a signal to those elected that the people they represent are satisfied with decisions they make. Remember, whomever is elected will, in part, determine the financial direction of our economy whether it is at the state or federal level.

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