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Graves: America Cannot Afford Democrats Plan for Largest Tax Increase in History

Press Release

Location: Ranger, GA

Back from Washington and campaigning in the 9th District, U.S. Rep. Tom Graves said today that Americans cannot afford the higher taxes that loom on the horizon if the Democrat-led majority follows through with their plan to institute the largest tax increase in American history.

Earlier this decade the Republican-controlled Congress passed and former President George W. Bush signed into law tax relief packages that among other things, lowered all tax individual tax rates, reduced the capital gains tax and eliminated the marriage penalty tax and the death tax.

However, because of an obscure rule in the U.S. Senate the tax relief expires at the end of this year and all changes will revert back to the pre-2001 levels.

"It is just inexcusable during these challenging economic days that all Americans will see their taxes increase next year if action is not taken in Washington to extend or make permanent these tax cuts," said Rep. Graves. "I am the only candidate in the race that has co-sponsored legislation to block these tax increases. I will fight Nancy Pelosi, liberal Democrats and anyone else who stands in the way of lower taxes for Americans."

Rep. Graves is a co-sponsor of H.R. 301, the Economic Growth Through Tax Stimulus Act of 2009, that will block these tax increases and provide permanent tax relief for Americans.

"Allowing these tax cuts to expire will have a devastating effect on an already tough economy," said Graves. "Americans are struggling, and taking more out of their paychecks is not the answer to jump starting our economy. Keeping money in the hands of workers and small businesses to create jobs is part of the recipe to getting our economy back on track."

Throughout his career, Rep. Graves has been a vocal advocate of cutting taxes and the Associated Press reported earlier this year that "Graves rarely met a tax cut he didn't like."

In the Georgia General Assembly, then State Rep. Graves authored the Georgia's Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2010 (Georgia JOBS Act), which cut and eliminated Georgia's capital gains tax and net worth tax, and empowered the private sector to create jobs because the federal government has a 19 month failed track record when it comes to creating jobs.

Despite enjoying strong bi-partisan support in the legislature, Rep. Graves' challenger in the August 10th Runoff election, Lee Hawkins, opposed the tax cutting bill and called it a "sham."

20 Democrats and just one Republican opposed the Georgia JOBS Act in the legislature, and Hawkins, a former state senator, has continued his vocal opposition to this tax cutting bill throughout the long election.

"Friends, we are faced with a Democrat leadership in Congress that is trying to raise energy taxes, health care taxes, income taxes, corporate taxes and reinstitute the death tax and the marriage penalty tax," said Rep. Graves. "When I go to the House chamber to vote, North Georgia won't have to worry about whether I will vote to cut taxes or if I think tax relief is a "sham.' My record very clearly demonstrates that I oppose higher taxes."

Rep. Graves and Hawkins will face each other one last time on August 10th in the Republican Primary Runoff.

In the three previous elections, Rep. Graves was the top vote getter, besting Hawkins each and every time.

Rep. Graves received 49.5 percent of the vote in the July 20th GOP Republican Primary, taking a commanding 22.8 percent lead over Hawkins going into the August 10th run-off election.

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