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Isakson Continues to Fight Against Terribly Flawed Health Care Law

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., today announced he is co-sponsoring five pieces of legislation aimed at repealing provisions of the Democrats' terribly flawed, $2.5 trillion health care law.

"The health care law will have a devastating impact on our nation. The tax increases in this bill will be massive, immediate and couldn't come at a worse time for families and small businesses. The policy mandates in this bill are being challenged by states and rejected by voters," Isakson said. "I will work to fight this law every step of the way."

Here are the five bills Isakson is co-sponsoring:

The American Liberty Restoration Act, S.3502, would strike provisions in the health care law requiring individuals to purchase health insurance. Georgia is one of 20 states challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate requiring Americans to purchase health insurance. On Aug. 3, Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected the health care law, with 71 percent voting in favor of establishing a state law barring the government from forcing people to pay a penalty or fine if they fail to carry health coverage by 2014.

The American Job Protection Act, S.3501, would strike those provisions in the health care law forcing employers to provide health insurance for their employees or face a massive tax increase. The Congressional Budget Office estimates employers will face $52 billion in new taxes under the health care law.

The Health Care Bureaucrats Elimination Act, S.3653, would remove unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats from seniors' personal health decisions by repealing the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Under the new health care law, this board empowers 15 bureaucrats to make substantial changes to Medicare--without full transparency and accountability to America's seniors or their elected officials.

The Excluding Abortion Coverage from Health Reform Act of 2010, S.3723, would prevent coverage of abortion services under the new health care law. The legislation would guarantee that no federal taxpayer dollars can be used to pay for elective abortions.

The Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act, S.3578, would eliminate a massive new tax reporting burden that small businesses face under the health care law. Specifically, Section 9006 of the new health care law requires business owners to submit a separate 1099 reporting form for every single business-to-business transaction that totals more than $600 in a given year. As a result, small business owners will have to complete and submit 1099 forms for basic businesses expenses, including phone and internet service, shipping costs and office supplies. The legislation would repeal this overly burdensome reporting requirement.

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