Issue Position: Agriculture

Issue Position

By:  Brian Calley
Location: Unknown

A strong supporter of Michigan farms.

Brian and Julie's children are the 6th generation of Powells to walk the sesquicentennial family farm in Northern Ionia County. Michigan's agricultural industry is now the largest, most productive economic sector in the state.

Michigan is still an exporting state when it comes to agriculture. We do it better than anyone else. While much of the Michigan economy is shrinking, agriculture continues to add jobs and production. It is a real gem.

Domestic production of food is a vital national security concern. We must fight to maintain the ability to produce an adequate and consistent supply. In America, we know too well the danger of relying on other countries for our energy. We cannot afford to let that happen to our food supply. Supporting the American Farmer is not just practical, it is patriotic.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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