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Issue Position: Michigan Roads

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

The condition of Michigan's roadways is vital to our economy.

Over the last several decades, fixing our roads has become too large of a burden on Michigan citizens. Increasing taxes on gasoline is not the solution to this problem.

Picking the taxpayer's pocket is never the solution for government problems.

The over arching reach of our state's labor laws, prevailing wage laws and environmental regulations needlessly drive up the cost of building and repairing our roads. These issues need to be reformed and eliminated to ensure that Michigan's taxpayers get the full value of their tax dollars spent.

In addition, we must do a better job of getting federal tax dollars for road construction. Currently, Michigan receives only .92 cents of every federal gas tax dollar that we send to Washington.

Michigan's taxpayers should not be expected to pay for the infrastructure in other states when our roads are crumbling.

It is time to fix the failing infrastructure in Michigan.

As your State Senator I will fight for better roads in Michigan.

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