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Issue Position: Stopping Voter Fraud

Issue Position

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Voter fraud is a very real problem in Kansas. Election crimes have been documented across the state--from fraudulent registrations, to vote-by-mail fraud. As the activities of ACORN have demonstrated, organizations that promote voter fraud have burrowed into every corner of our country. In Kansas, the illegal registration of alien voters has become pervasive.

And that is only half the problem. The manipulation of election contests by unscrupulous attorneys has resulted in the stealing of close elections. The pseudo-election of Al Franken is a case in point. The Minnesota Secretary of State played a pivotal role in the heist--manipulating the process to pacify a leftist mob.

The problem is only going to get worse, unless the country's secretaries of state take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of our elections. The threat is real, and time is short.

Kansas's next Secretary of State must possess the experience to begin addressing this crisis immediately. As former Counsel to the U.S. Attorney General, I have the law enforcement background to combat this criminal activity. As a law professor who teaches in the field, I know where the legal loopholes are--loopholes that must be closed. We must enact a statute requiring photo ID to vote. But that is only the first step. Our voter rolls must be purged of thousands of deceased individuals, illegally-registered aliens, and felons. And regulations must be promulgated to ensure honest elections and recounts.

If we do nothing, voter fraud will continue to rise; and close elections in Kansas will be stolen. My mission will be to transform the Kansas election system into the most secure in the country. In four years, I will accomplish this objective.

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